Theology 2020

Seeing God Clearly

Happy New Year!

We had tidings of great joy this past week, not only because it was Christmas, but more so because our son Joel and daughter-in-law Joanna gave us a new granddaughter on December 23! We traveled down to Virginia to visit with them, and during that time we met some of their church friends who were providing meals for them. Two of them, upon learning I am pastor, had some questions regarding scripture and life. My son would try to discourage his friends, because he knows, once I get started on an answer, it is a challenge to stop me. In fact, for one friend, we sat at the dinning room table and I drew some diagrams for him (yes, you can roll your eyes with Joel).

I have to say – I thoroughly enjoyed answering their questions – mainly because it was so refreshing to see young men interested in theology. I admit, theology can seem so irrelevant to life’s pressures and issues. Sadly, that is actually backwards – nothing could be more relevant than a word about God (which is the literal meaning of word theology) for all of life. After all, this world is His creation – and He has purposes for all aspects of it. We are the losers if we aren’t seeking His answers to the questions, He Himself put within us.

GK Chesterton said that’s why we like Epic stories – like the Iliad – because we know life is a battle; we like the Odyssey, because we know life is a journey; and we like the book of Job, because we know life is more like an unexplained riddle than a problem fully solved. Job never heard the reasons for all his sufferings; he only heard God teach him important theological truths – some words about God Himself that would enable Job to be a worshipper in spirit and in truth.

I hope you have a desire to know God more personally; I also hope, like my son’s friends, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me for some theology – it would be my delight to answer you – and if possible, with your permission, perhaps draw you a diagram or two. 😊

May God Bless you in 2020, and may we all see God more clearly as revealed in His word!

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